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Ready to Rumble? Join The Great NorthEast Shakeout

York County, 25. Sep 13 00:31 PST
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On October 16, 2012, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake shook up the State of Maine. The quake was centered in northern York County. It was felt across Maine and as far south and west as New Jersey and central New York State. A year and a day later, on October 17, 2013, communities, businesses, schools and families are invited to join [The Great NorthEast Shakeout]( a multi-state earthquake drill spanning nine states in the northeast US. [The Great NorthEast Shakeout]( is a regional opportunity to [practice how to stay safe during big earthquakes]( The ShakeOut will also encourage families, communities, schools and organizations to review and update emergency preparedness plans and supplies and secure facilities to prevent damage and injuries.Prepare to ["Drop, Cover and Hold On"]( at 10:17 AM on October 17, 2013 as millions of people all over the world participate in this emergency preparedness drill. (Or you can hold a drill any time within 2 weeks of October 17.) Last year, more than 19.4 million people were registered in ShakeOut drills world-wide. This year, Mainers can join a growing number of states and countries in learning about earthquake readiness and safety for their communities, schools, workplaces and families. For ideas on how to participate and prepare, [visit]( Or to jump in and register, [start here]( and you will be on your way to joining **The Great NorthEast ShakeOut**!##Are you "Ready to Rumble"? ###Learn more about earthquakes in Maine:* [The Maine Geological Survey: Yes We DO Have Earthquakes in Maine!](
* [MainePrepares: Earthquake Preparedness](In spreading the word about The Great NorthEast ShakeOut Maine Emergency Management Agency is partnering with the [Northeast States Emergency Consortium]( and [FEMA Region One](