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White, 10. Dec 17 07:54 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
He quit the White House but he still backs Trump

Philly lawyer Jim Schultz says he enjoyed his gig as one of President Trump's in-house legal counsels, but always intended the job to be

White, 08. Dec 17 09:27 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
Trump signs proclamation for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump kibitzed with World War II veterans at the White House on Thursday as he signed a proclamation

White, 08. Dec 17 04:45 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
White ex-cop gets 20 years for Walter Scott slaying

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - One by one, relatives of the late Walter Scott urged a judge to mete out a significant punishment for Michael

White, 03. Dec 17 08:24 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
White Dog Cafe's expansion is quite fetching

Designer Kate Rohrer and team from Rohe Design have picked up the homey/kitschy-canine motif to two new rooms.

White, 02. Dec 17 02:51 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
Trump denies Tillerson out as secretary of state

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump on Friday denied he wants to oust Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, calling reports to that effect

White, 30. Nov 17 06:29 PST
news by University_City_Review
Charles Hubert McCallum leaves behind great memories of his dry cleaners business

..White Seal Dry Cleaners business on the 4900 block of Baltimore Avenue...>

White, 29. Nov 17 03:48 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
Censure Trump for his Oval Office racism, or admit nothing matters anymore | Will Bunch

Congress and the public have a stark choice: Censure Trump for embracing racism against Native Americans in the White House, or normalize

White, 28. Nov 17 01:20 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
Philly lawyer who counseled Trump returns to Cozen O'Connor

James D. Schultz, a senior associate counsel in the Trump White House, has returned to the Cozen O'Connor law firm in Philadelphia, where

White, 16. Nov 17 04:51 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
Report: Whites no longer in majority in NJ schools, segregation persists

Whites no longer constitute the majority in New Jersey public schools, and segregation continues, a study says.

White, 10. Nov 17 09:00 PST
news by The-Philadelphia-Inquirer
A semi-apologetic 'Mooch' addresses Philly luncheon

Anthony Scaramucci, the erstwhile White House communications director, spoke at a Center City luncheon on Thursday afternoon.

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