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Boston, 20. Jan 18 22:18 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Baker to boost aid by 37.2M

By Katie Lannan State House News Service BOSTON -- The annual budget proposal Gov. Charlie Baker plans to file next week will call

Boston, 19. Jan 18 23:35 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Hearing, possible bill may flow from new Net Neutrality Comm.

By Colin A. Young STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE BOSTON -- The Massachusetts Senate created a special committee Thursday to develop

Boston, 19. Jan 18 23:34 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Union official rips state health plan restructuring

By Matt Murphy STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE BOSTON -- Unions were furious Thursday after the Group Insurance Commission voted to

Boston, 19. Jan 18 23:32 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Accord points to unrestricted local aid boost of at least 3.5 percent

By Michael P. Norton STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE BOSTON -- If Gov. Charlie Baker sticks with his pledge to boost unrestricted local aid

Boston, 19. Jan 18 23:31 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Encouraged Baker says he'll wait to hear from Amazon

By Katie Lannan STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE BOSTON -- Amazon's inclusion of the Boston area in its list of 20 contenders for the site of

Boston, 19. Jan 18 23:21 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Bald eagle spotted along Boston's Charles River

BOSTON — A bald eagle has been spotted soaring along the Charles River in Boston.The Boston Globe reports that the bird was seen last

Boston, 19. Jan 18 23:18 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Delegation: More mental health help needed for Puerto Rico

BOSTON — The state's all-Democratic congressional delegation is pressing federal officials on efforts to address mental health challenges

Boston, 19. Jan 18 23:18 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Eel traffickers indicted

BOSTON — Two men have been indicted for illegally harvesting and selling juvenile eels from New Jersey and Massachusetts waters.Federal

Boston, 19. Jan 18 22:29 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Here are the places competing against Boston for Amazon's HQ2

Amazon’s second headquarters is expected to employ as many 50,000 people.The 20 proposals on the short list for the coveted HQ2

Boston, 19. Jan 18 21:57 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
With new federal pressure, comfort level shifts as pot license period nears

BOSTON -- The new era of heightened federal scrutiny over state-sanctioned marijuana industries has cannabis entrepreneurs worrying about

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