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Santa Barbara, 17. Jan 18 17:17 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Toddler Doing Well After Flood Ordeal

With his father in the hospital, who also survived.

Santa Barbara, 17. Jan 18 10:34 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Montecito Water District Sued for Mudslides

Downtown business owner sues Edison for Thomas Fire.

Carpinteria, 17. Jan 18 09:03 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Carpinteria Digs Out from Under Its Flood and Mud

Schools reopen as teachers are bused in from Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Santa Barbara, 17. Jan 18 08:18 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Why Did So Few in Montecito Evacuate?

Communicating danger before and during disasters is a delicate and difficult business.

Santa Barbara, 17. Jan 18 03:34 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Montecito Mudslide Evacuation Orders, Emergency Alerts Explained

Sheriff Brown, EOC Director Lewin give insight into Santa Barbara County's disaster operations.

Santa Barbara, 17. Jan 18 03:31 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Deadly Montecito Debris Flow Was Rare Event, But Could Happen Again

“These areas are very vulnerable in the next two years," says UCSB geologist.

Santa Barbara, 17. Jan 18 02:46 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Highway 101 Won't Open for 'At Least Another Week'

Amtrak added space for an additional 2,000 passengers.

Santa Barbara, 16. Jan 18 04:17 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Emergency Doctor Urges Patience after Montecito Disaster

Cottage medical director Dr. Brett Wilson warns impacts will be significant and long-lasting.

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