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Milford, 27. Nov 14 02:25 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Hiker photographed bear before it killed him

WEST MILFORD, N.J. — A New Jersey hiker killed by a bear in September took a series of photos of the animal with his cellphone before it

Milford, 23. Sep 14 07:04 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Bear suspected to have killed New Jersey hiker

WEST MILFORD, N.J. — A black bear believed to have attacked and killed a hiker over the weekend likely was looking for food and was

Paterson, 08. Jul 14 18:09 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Shooting victim's organs being donated

PATERSON, N.J. — A 12-year-old girl who was struck and killed by a bullet while riding a scooter in a northern New Jersey neighborhood

Maine, 27. May 14 04:49 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Powerful thunderstorm rips across N. Maine

CARIBOU, Maine — Officials say powerful thunderstorms disrupted Memorial Day activities in northern Maine with heavy rain, hail and

Paterson, 03. Mar 14 05:05 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Authorities ID teen killed in north NJ dog attack

PATERSON, N.J. — Authorities have identified the 13-year-old boy who was killed when a 115-pound bull mastiff dog attacked him and

Paterson, 10. Nov 13 12:00 PST
news by Boston-Herald
NJ man, ex-girlfriend in court over Powerball win

PATERSON, N.J. — A New Jersey man who won a $338 million Powerball jackpot, one of the largest, is embroiled in a court fight with his

Paterson, 03. May 13 07:27 PST
news by Boston-Herald
NJ gov signs overdose law, Bon Jovi applauds it

PATERSON, N.J. — Just a few months after his daughter survived a drug overdose, Jon Bon Jovi joined New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Paterson, 03. May 13 02:08 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Jon Bon Jovi to watch signing of NJ overdose law

PATERSON, N.J. — Jon Bon Jovi, whose daughter suffered an apparent drug overdose last year, plans to join Gov. Chris Christie when he

Paterson, 03. May 13 00:10 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Jon Bon Jovi to watch signing of NJ's overdose law

PATERSON, N.J. — Jon Bon Jovi is slated to be on hand when Gov. Chris Christie signs New Jersey's drug overdose prevention bill into law

Paterson, 30. Apr 13 23:57 PST
news by Boston-Herald
NJ teacher to appeal firing for urinating in class

PATERSON, N.J. — A New Jersey second-grade teacher will appeal his firing for insubordination and inappropriate behavior, including

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