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Paris, 10. Jan 18 21:26 PST
news by WMWV-Radio
Paris Maine Man Injured in Bucket Truck Accident

38-year-old Robert Sanborn was injured when his vehicle was crushed by a Target Utility Service bucket truck ~ Photo Courtesy of Chuck

Fryeburg, 08. Jan 18 22:10 PST
news by WMWV-Radio
Fire Crews Battle Bitter Cold and Flames In Fryeburg

Crews from multiple areas battle a fire onMain Street in Fryeburg Sunday ~ Photo Courtesy of East Conway Volunteer Fire Department

Fryeburg, 21. Dec 17 07:37 PST
news by WMWV-Radio
Fryeburg Police Issue Holiday Cheer Instead Of Tickets

Chief Josh Potvin and Sergeant Heidi Johnston presented an unsuspecting citizen with gift cards. The driver showed his appreciation to the

Fryeburg, 02. Dec 17 05:57 PST
news by WMWV-Radio
Fryeburg Man Arrested For Causing Crash Resulting In Damage To A Garage

65-year-old Nelson Brown, of Fryeburg, is accused of driving his SUV into a parked truck that then crashed into a garage in Fryeburg ~

Waterford, 29. Nov 17 14:25 PST
news by The-Exception-Magazine
Waterford, New Jersey Has Adopted Restaurants Which Are Frequented by Republicans and Democrats

It’s suddenly become conventional to post outdated snapshots of Waterford, New Jersey on Facebook. So we figured that we’d

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