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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This translation is a short excerpt of the original Terms and Conditions and is for your information only. Legally binding are the original Terms and Conditions in German. Please do not hesitate to contact LocalXXL in case of any questions.


You automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions by using this website.

LocalXXL is a brand of LocalXXL GmbH & Co KG, Germany. LocalXXL dissociates from content authored by third parties.

LocalXXL offers an Internet based platform for local news. Users may either add news through RSS feeds or write directly on the website

1. By adding content to LocalXXL you automatically transfer your intellectual property rights to LocalXXL.

2. You need to register before being able to use our services. There is no legitimate claim to get a member and LocalXXL reserves the right to exclude members. Registering as a member is free of charge. You get a member by registering and agreeing to these terms and conditions.

3. Only individuals and business entities are able to register as a member. Individuals need to be older than 18 unless the age of consent is different in your country of residence. Minors may not get members. If you are registering as a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind that entity to this agreement.

4. All data requested by LocalXXL throughout the registration process or any changes made to your information must be accurate and complete. The member is responsible to update all information that might change during the membership. This is expressly but not exclusively important for your contact information, such as email, phone number and your address.

5. The user may choose a password and a username - which needs to be a valid email address, that may only be received by the member. Members are required to keep their login info strictly confidential. LocalXXL reserves the right to delete any chosen username or nickname. LocalXXL and all of our service staff will never disclose the password to anybody nor ask you for your password.

6. Every member may only open one account. An account is not transferable to others.

7. LocalXXL reserves the right to delete accounts if information is inaccurate or incomplete or if the member is infringing rules set in this agreement or by law.

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