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Groton, 23. Jun 15 13:52 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Groton selectmen change policy on notifying media of meetings, agendas

GROTON -- In a fast-moving meeting, selectmen dealt with a tempest in a teacup when a local online journalist asked why a policy notifying

Groton, 16. Jun 15 22:03 PST
news by Sentinel-and-Enterprise
Ansin carries on family tradition of Greater Good

GROTON -- At Lawrence Academy's recent Cum Laude Day ceremonies, Kris Ansin, a 2003 alumnus, was presented with the school's Greater Good

Groton, 16. Jun 15 12:51 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Groton Parks Commission seeks new member, more playing fields

GROTON -- Caught shorthanded, members of the Parks Commission planned to take steps to replace long-time member John Strauss, who decided

Groton, 13. Jun 15 00:16 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Shirley killer denied new trial

WOBURN -- A Shirley man convicted in the 2010 slaying of Groton resident Allison Myrick received proper legal representation and will not

Groton, 10. Jun 15 11:24 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Groton selectmen ratify several contracts

GROTON -- Selectmen ratified a new three-year contract with the town's highway, transfer, and water department employees Tuesday afternoon.

Groton, 03. Jun 15 22:23 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Cooler heads prevail after recent election

GROTON -- Selectmen concluded weeks of internal wrangling by agreeing that whatever bad blood there had been among them is a thing of the

Groton, 01. Jun 15 09:14 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Groton School speaker recalls interview with bin Laden

GROTON -- Standing before a small plain of straw boaters looking up at him, Groton School keynote speaker Christopher Isham, the CBS

Groton, 30. May 15 22:38 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Journalist's advice: Think for yourself

GROTON -- Lawrence Academy conducted its 222nd commencement exercises on Friday as 104 of its latest graduates matriculated into the world

Groton, 29. May 15 10:42 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Killer seeks appeal in 2010 murder of Groton woman

WOBURN -- Robert Gulla rocked slightly in his seat, watching his appeals attorney argue that the 25-year-old former Shirley man deserves a

Groton, 27. May 15 16:49 PST
news by The-Lowell-Sun
Former Groton resident missing in Scotland

GROTON -- Scottish police continue to conduct extensive searches by land and air for former Groton resident Susan McLean more than a week

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