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Pollock Pines, 22. Sep 14 05:41 PST
news by Boston-Herald
32 structures destroyed in California wildfire

SAN FRANCISCO — Light rain and cooler temperatures helped firefighters makes advances Sunday against a huge Northern California wildfire

Los Angeles, 20. Sep 14 13:23 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Record amount of retardant used on California fire

PLACERVILLE, Calif. — A massive Northern California wildfire is burning so explosively because of the prolonged drought that

Yosemite National Park, 16. Sep 14 05:38 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Crews seeking better access to fire near Yosemite

POLLOCK PINES, Calif. — Crews are trying to get better access in steep terrain to a wildfire near Yosemite National Park that has forced

Pollock Pines, 16. Sep 14 01:53 PST
news by Boston-Herald
1 of 2 California wildfires grows substantially

POLLOCK PINES, Calif. — Fire officials say one of two wildfires threatening homes in California grew by hundreds of acres overnight.The

Shingle Springs, 31. Jul 14 02:59 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Progress reported on 2 California wildfires

SHINGLE SPRINGS, Calif. — Fire crews have gained ground on two of the largest wildfires in California, lifting evacuation orders for

Georgetown, 09. Nov 13 11:27 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Ex-prosecutor gets jail for wrongful conviction

GEORGETOWN, Texas — A former Texas prosecutor charged over a wrongful murder conviction agreed to a 10-day jail sentence Friday,

Los Angeles, 01. May 13 14:24 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Police check possible link to Calif. girl's death

PLACERVILLE, Calif. — Investigators in Northern California are looking for a possible link between a man accused of breaking into an

Los Angeles, 01. May 13 13:48 PST
news by Boston-Herald
Police check possible link to Calaveras slaying

PLACERVILLE, Calif. — Police are trying to determine if there's a link between a man arrested after he allegedly broke into an apartment

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