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Bakersfield, 16. Jan 18 04:19 PST
news by TurnTo23com
CHP illegal dumping case

Santa Barbara, 16. Jan 18 04:17 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Emergency Doctor Urges Patience after Montecito Disaster

Cottage medical director Dr. Brett Wilson warns impacts will be significant and long-lasting.

Santa Barbara, 15. Jan 18 17:03 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Candlelight Vigil Remembers Those Lost to the Flood

The search for survivors has turned into a search for remains.

Santa Barbara, 15. Jan 18 11:05 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Montecito Debris Flow Devastation Concentrated Along Creeks

A new map reveals the bulk of the damage and fatalities occurred along Montecito, San Ysidro, and Romero creeks.

Santa Barbara, 15. Jan 18 08:55 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Inmates Make Up a Quarter of Fire Personnel

Inmates carried a safe on a stretcher.

Santa Barbara, 15. Jan 18 08:53 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Search Dogs Comb Hills of Montecito for Survivors and Remains

With at least three people still unaccounted for, 13 more canines have been assigned to mudslide rescue and recovery efforts in the past

Santa Barbara, 15. Jan 18 08:51 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
Two Bodies Newly Identified in Montecito Mudflow

Two families learn deaths are confirmed.

Santa Barbara, 15. Jan 18 05:46 PST
news by The_Santa_Barbara_Independent
A House-by-House Damage Assessment of the Montecito Mudslides

The Independent is mapping impacted areas as responders focus on rescue and repair efforts.

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