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Snow Dragon TV Presents The Latest Gaming News

Berlin, 13. Dec 17 19:50 PST

Berlin, Germany — December 10 2017 — Snow Dragon TV has been created as to deliver an alternative take on the modern video games. The big editorials are peddling their own information that has been filtered either by their friendship with the game companies or the fact that they are directly paid by those companies. Few sites can present the situation just the way that it currently is. This is the top reason why so many people are still discussing the Virtual Reality and that is simply because there is money in that question.

On the practical level, everyone already know just how bad the situation with the VR in fact is. It’s pretty much the same as it was with the Kinekt a few years ago. Now that technology is already buried and forgotten and so will the vr news be in the near future. Those that have tested the headsets know that this tech is far from perfect and in addition to that is very expensive. There have been some great news though, PlayStation have announced many new games that will take benefit from the VR add ons.

In other Gaming News, the Video Game Awards have taken place and there have been many great announcements. Zelda has been market as the game of the year. Breath of the Wild has been released on March 3 as an exclusive title to Nintendo’s new console: Switch. Those people that have played the game had very strong positive emotions about it. It is still considered that this is the core game that has been selling the console ever since. Now, the guys at the awards have boosted the understanding about it.

Virtual Reality on the other hand is facing some challenges on this holiday season. There isn’t enough solid software that would allow the the headsets to sell just in the numbers that the Nintendo Switch is currently selling. Software and games are very important for the sellers of the hardware — they can positively drive the sales even when the tech is far from perfect. More and more vr news are hitting the market but there isn’t too much to work with at this point in time. Read more amazing things about video games by logging into Snow Dragon on a daily basis. The blog is updated with every big piece of news that is coming out.

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